Dessverre ble dette så aktuelt. Alle kjenner jo til de psykiske skadene man får av stress, f eks kjenner jeg folk som har fått alvorlig angst etter 22.juli selv om de ikke kjente noen som ble rammet, men mindre kjent er de fysiske skadene som kan oppstå også hos barna på grunn av giften i våpnene. Ikke akkurat noen bra oversikt, men hvertfall litt forskning.

Spesifikke steder


Specific association of teratogen and toxicant metals in hair of newborns with congenital birth defects or developmentally premature birth in a cohort of couples with documented parental exposure to military attacks: observational study at Al Shifa Hospital, Gaza, Palestine. 2014
Manduca P1, Naim A2, Signoriello S3.
This study was undertaken in Gaza, Palestine, in a cohort of babies born in 2011. Hair samples of newborns were analyzed for metal load by DRC-ICP-MS. We report specific level of contamination by teratogen/toxicants metals of newborn babies, environmentally unexposed, according to their phenotypes at birth: normal full term babies, birth defects or developmentally premature. The occurrence of birth defects was previously shown to be correlated in this cohort to documented exposure of parents to weapons containing metal contaminants, during attacks in 2009. We detect, in significantly higher amounts than in normal babies, different specific teratogen or toxicant elements, known weapons’ components, characteristic for each of birth defect or premature babies. This is the first attempt to our knowledge to directly link a phenotype at birth with the in utero presence of specific teratogen and/or toxicant metals in a cohort with known episodes of acute exposure of parents to environmental contamination by these same metals, in this case delivered by weaponry The babies were conceived 20-25 months after the major known parental exposure; the specific link of newborn phenotypes to war-remnant metal contaminants, suggests that mothers’ contamination persists in time, and that the exposure may have a long term effect.



Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2010

Cancer, infant mortality and birth sex-ratio in Fallujah, Iraq 2005-2009. Busby C1, Hamdan M, Ariabi E.

Whilst the results seem to qualitatively support the existence of serious mutation-related health effects in Fallujah, owing to the structural problems associated with surveys of this kind, care should be exercised in interpreting the findings quantitatively.
Bull Environ Contam Toxicol. 2012 Nov;89(5):937-44. doi: 10.1007/s00128-012-0817-2. Epub 2012 Sep 16.

Metal contamination and the epidemic of congenital birth defects in Iraqi cities.

Al-Sabbak M1, Sadik Ali S, Savabi O, Savabi G, Dastgiri S, Savabieasfahani M.
The enamel portion of the deciduous tooth from a child with birth defects from Al Basrah (4.19 μg/g) had nearly three times higher lead than the whole teeth of children living in unimpacted areas. Lead was 1.4 times higher in the tooth enamel of parents of children with birth defects (2,497 ± 1,400 μg/g, mean ± SD) compared to parents of normal children (1,826 ± 1,819 μg/g). Our data suggested that birth defects in the Iraqi cities of Al Basrah (in the south of Iraq) and Fallujah (in central Iraq) are mainly folate-dependent. This knowledge offers possible treatment options and remediation plans for at-risk Iraqi populations.
Incidence, types, geographical distribution, and risk factors of congenital anomalies in Al-Ramadi Maternity and Children’s Teaching Hospital, Western Iraq.
Al-Ani ZR1, Al-Haj SA, Al-Ani MM, Al-Dulaimy KM, Al-Maraie AKh, Al-Ubaidi BKh.
Although the incidence of CAs was lower than the Al-Fallujah rate, it is still higher than many developed and developing countries. Amniotic fluid volume changes in U/S may hide an ominous CA, and maternal smoking exposure during pregnancy and consanguinity may expose the family to a congenitally anomalous delivery.

Autisme og innvandrere – ingen idé om hvorfor The findings accord with many other studies reporting higher prevalence rates of autism in children of immigrant mothers. We discuss the need for further research of underlying mechanisms.
men forskerne tror det har å gjøre med D-vitamin:  Our findings of low vitamin D levels in Somali women entail considerable consequences in a public health perspective. The observed tendency, i.e. the lowest values in mothers of Somali origin with a child with autism was in the predicted direction, supporting the need for further research of vitamin D levels in larger samples of Somali mothers of children with and without autism.


Alle kuler inneholder bly: We conclude that exposure to lead in childhood is associated with deficits in central nervous system functioning that persist into young adulthood.

omtalt på norsk forskning:
BBC: kriminalitet og bly i bensin?
Å teste bly
Her er fra en amerikansk statlig side. Min kommentar og forkortelse under.

«Shortly after lead gets into your body, it travels in the blood to the «soft tissues» and organs (such as the liver, kidneys, lungs, brain, spleen, muscles, and heart). After several weeks, most of the lead moves into your bones and teeth. In adults, about 94% of the total amount of lead in the body is contained in the bones and teeth. About 73% of the lead in children’s bodies is stored in their bones. Some of the lead can stay in your bones for decades; however, some lead can leave your bones and reenter your blood and organs under certain circumstances (e.g., during pregnancy and periods of breast feeding, after a bone is broken, and during advancing age).»

«Children are more sensitive to the health effects of lead than adults. No safe blood lead level in children has been determined. Lead affects children in different ways depending on how much lead a child swallows. A child who swallows large amounts of lead may develop anemia, kidney damage, colic (severe «stomach ache»), muscle weakness, and brain damage, which ultimately can kill the child. In some cases, the amount of lead in the child’s body can be lowered by giving the child certain drugs that help eliminate lead from the body. If a child swallows smaller amounts of lead, such as dust containing lead from paint, much less severe but still important effects on blood, development, and behavior may occur. In this case, recovery is likely once the child is removed from the source of lead exposure, but there is no guarantee that the child will completely avoid all long-term consequences of lead exposure. At still lower levels of exposure, lead can affect a child’s mental and physical growth. Fetuses exposed to lead in the womb, because their mothers had a lot of lead in their bodies, may be born prematurely and have lower weights at birth. Exposure in the womb, in infancy, or in early childhood also may slow mental development and cause lower intelligence later in childhood. There is evidence that these effects may persist beyond childhood.

Children with high blood lead levels do not have specific symptoms. However, health workers can find out whether a child may have been exposed to harmful levels of lead by taking a blood sample. They can also find out how much lead is in a child’s bones by taking a special type of x ray of the finger, knee, or elbow. This type of test, however, is not routine.«

Min kommentar: Jeg vet ikke hvordan de har funnet ut at nøyaktig 73 % bly blir lagret i beinbygningen til barna, eller hvordan de har funnet ut at resten blir tisset ut. De viser ikke til noen kilde: Det er visst nok å være et statlig organ. Uansett er det en grei oversikt over mulige skader av bly – samt en forklaring på en bedre test enn blodprøve og på hvorfor blodprøve ikke er mye vits i når det gjelder ettervirkninger. Det er klart at en tre-åring som fikk i seg bly fra mor ved fødselen ikke vil ha synlig bly i blodet. Kvinner i Meksiko større sannsynlighet for spontanabort når de hadde mye bly i blodet- snakker om at bly går gjennom barrieren til barnet.

An additional explanation for the inconclusive results is that blood Pb may not be the optimal biomarker to assess lead exposure. Over 99 percent of blood Pb is bound to erythrocytes, which cannot cross the placental barrier, thus, plasma lead concentration has been suggested as a better surrogate for the toxicologically active fraction of lead in blood [5,6]. This has been substantiated by the findings that plasma Pb was a greater predictor of toxicity on hematopoiesis than blood Pb [7], and of delays in neurobehavioral development after fetal exposure to Pb [8]. To our knowledge, only one study assessed whether plasma lead concentrations where associated to the occurrence of miscarriage, and although the authors could not find an association [9], their study had a rather small sample size (n = 40), and plasma lead has a large inter-individual variability [10,11]. The latter could make it difficult to find associations if the time between the exposure measurement and the event is relatively large.

Dvs spørsmålet er om man måler bly på rett sted med rett metode. Hele artikkel tilgjengelig. These results suggest that women with a history of childhood lead poisoning may be at risk for having spontaneous abortions or stillbirths and having children who manifest significant learning disabilities.
 2012 Oct;33(5):1005-20. doi: 10.1016/j.neuro.2012.04.017.

Developmental lead effects on behavior and brain gene expression in male and female BALB/cAnNTac mice.

Kasten-Jolly J1, Pabello N, Bolivar VJ, Lawrence DA.
Om mus. Konklusjon: Results indicate that Pb differentially affects the behavior of male and female mice in that females did less exploration and the males were selectively more aggressive. Gene expression data pointed to evidence of neuroinflammation in the brain of both female and male mice. Pb had more of an effect in the males on expression of vomeronasal receptor genes associated with odor detection and social behavior.
og det kan komme gjennom maten dyrket på et jorde med bly (fra våpenrester?) fra wikipedia (jeg vet det ikke skal brukes som kilde men dette er jo ikke akkurat en forskningsrapport ) se nederst i dette innlegget der er utdrag[

Forurensing generelt

Intervju på Alltid nyheter /BBC (6. juni 2014) om forurensning og autisme! Her er en flott oversikt over hva som skjer innen forskning på dette: The significant elevation in the concentration of Cu, Pb, and Hg and significant decrease in the concentration of Mg and Se observed in the hair and nail samples of autistic subjects could be well correlated with their degrees of severity.
Ikke akkurat det samme, men:  Sulten som barn gir problemer som voksen:
Meitemarks nervesystem ligner veldig på menneskers det er bare enklere.
Environ Res. 2002  Survey of some heavy metals in sediments from vehicular service stations in Jordan and their effects on social aggression in prepubertal male mice.
Homady M1, Hussein H, Jiries A, Mahasneh A, Al-Nasir F, Khleifat K. Konklusjon:  The results show that only lead acetate produced a pattern of responses clearly indicative of altered gonadal function.


Brukt i Vietnam under krigen der.
Motsatt av bly: Gir feminine gutter kanskje. Effects of perinatal exposure to PCBs and dioxins on play behavior in Dutch children at school age.

Vreugdenhil HJ Slijper FM, Mulder PG, Weisglas-Kuperus N.
Higher prenatal dioxin levels were associated with more feminized play in boys as well as girls, assessed by the feminine scale (p =.048). These effects suggest prenatal steroid hormone imbalances caused by prenatal exposure to environmental levels of PCBs, dioxins, and other related organochlorine compounds.

Kvinnene med mest rester etter gift brukt i krigen har høyest sannsynlighet for å få barn med autistiske trekk.

Nishijo M, Pham TT, Nguyen AT, Tran NN, Nakagawa H, Hoang LV, Tran AH, Morikawa Y, Ho MD, Kido T, Nguyen MN,Nguyen HM, Nishijo H.

Dioxin exposure in breast milk and infant neurodevelopment in Vietnam.

Tai PT, Nishijo M, Anh NT, Maruzeni S, Nakagawa H, Van Luong H, Anh TH, Honda R, Kido T, Nishijo H.
The present study demonstrates a considerable impact of perinatal dioxin exposure on neurodevelopment in 4-month-old infants living in contaminated areas in Vietnam.
Det påvirker også størrelse på bebiene:
Impact of perinatal dioxin exposure on infant growth: a cross-sectional and longitudinal studies in dioxin-contaminated areas in Vietnam.

Nishijo M, Tai PT, Nakagawa H, Maruzeni S, Anh NT, Luong HV, Anh TH, Honda R, Morikawa Y, Kido T, Nishijo H.
These results suggested a considerable impact of perinatal dioxin exposure on infant growth, particularly in boys exposed to dioxins at high level of PCDDs/Fs-TEQ.
Fedrenes nivå av dioxin kan gi økt sannsynlighet for fødselsdefekter.

Paternal exposure to Agent Orange and spina bifida: a meta-analysis.

Ngo AD1, Taylor R, Roberts CL.
 Paternal exposure to AO appears to be associated with a statistically increased risk of spina bifida.

Association between Agent Orange and birth defects: systematic review and meta-analysis.

Ngo AD, Taylor R, Roberts CL, Nguyen TV.
Parental exposure to Agent Orange appears to be associated with an increased risk of birth defects.

 Men soldater som har vært utsatt for dioxin er mer aggressive og mer deppa enn andre soldater.

Levy CJ.
Evidence of organic psychological deficits in Vietnam veterans exposed to the herbicide Agent Orange was established through a neuropsychological battery. Also, the exposed Vietnam veterans, in contrast to a matched control group of Vietnam veterans, showed a significantly higher rate of posttraumatic stress disorder and its associated features: depression, anxiety, and increased aggression. The latter was subdivided into uncontrollable pressures, verbal violence, violence against objects, assaults, and suicidal thoughts. Active cases of chloracne, a medical indicator, were used to determine Agent Orange exposure.

Behandling – kelatering

Å fjerne bly og kvikksølv hos autister

Nig Q J Hosp Med. 2012  Neurobehavioural and neurotoxic effects of L-ascorbic acid and L-tryptophan in lead exposed rats.

Ebuehi OA1, Ayinde OC. Konklusjon: This suggests that L-ascorbic and L-tryptophan can be used to compliment chelating therapy in lead neurotoxicity.


BMC Clin Pharmacol. 2009

Safety and efficacy of oral DMSA therapy for children with autism spectrum disorders: Part A–medical results.

Adams JB1, Baral M, Geis E, Mitchell J, Ingram J, Hensley A, Zappia I, Newmark S, Gehn E, Rubin RA, Mitchell K, Bradstreet J, El-Dahr J.
(…)Overall, DMSA therapy seems to be reasonably safe, effective in removing several toxic metals (especially lead), dramatically effective in normalizing RBC glutathione, and effective in normalizing platelet counts. Only 1 round (3 days) was sufficient to improve glutathione and platelets. Additional rounds increased excretion of toxic metals.
BMC Clin Pharmacol. 2009

Safety and efficacy of oral DMSA therapy for children with autism spectrum disorders: part B – behavioral results.

Adams JB1, Baral M, Geis E, Mitchell J, Ingram J, Hensley A, Zappia I, Newmark S, Gehn E, Rubin RA, Mitchell K, Bradstreet J, El-Dahr J.
(…) Overall, both one and seven rounds of DMSA therapy seems to be reasonably safe in children with ASD who have high urinary excretion of toxic metals, and possibly helpful in reducing some of the symptoms of autism in those children.

Clin Toxicol (Phila). 2009

Dimercaptosuccinic acid (succimer; DMSA) in inorganic lead poisoning.

Bradberry S1, Vale A.
(…) DMSA is an effective lead chelator that primarily chelates renal lead. It is generally well tolerated but may occasionally cause clinically important adverse effects. DMSA may now be considered as an alternative to sodium calcium edetate, particularly when an oral antidote is preferable.
Maedica (Buchar). Sep 2012;
Efficacy of DMSA Therapy in a Sample of Arab Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Eleonor BLAUCOK-BUSCH,a Omnia R. AMIN,b Hani H. DESSOKI,c and Thanaa RABAHd
(…) Conclusion: DMSA chelation increased the urinary output of toxic and neurotoxic metals. Our data supports evidence that detoxification treatment with oral DMSA has beneficial effect on ASD patients.
J Toxicol. 2009;

The severity of autism is associated with toxic metal body burden and red blood cell glutathione levels.

Adams JB1, Baral M, Geis E, Mitchell J, Ingram J, Hensley A, Zappia I, Newmark S, Gehn E, Rubin RA, Mitchell K, Bradstreet J, El-Dahr JM.
(….) This study demonstrates a significant positive association between the severity of autism and the relative body burden of toxic metals.


Bly fra wikipedia

Sitat fra wikipedia om bly i jordet

A lead warning on a fuel pump.Tetraethyllead, which used to be added to automotive gasoline (and still is added to aviation gasoline), contributed to soil contamination.

Residual lead in soil contributes to lead exposure in urban areas.[6] It has been thought that the more polluted an area is with various contaminants, the more likely it is to contain lead. However, this is not always the case, as there are several other reasons for lead contamination in soil.[45] Lead content in soil may be caused by broken-down lead paint, residues from lead-containing gasoline, used engine oil, or pesticides used in the past, contaminated landfills, or from nearby industries such as foundries or smelters.[46] Although leaded soil is less of a problem in countries that no longer have leaded gasoline, it remains prevalent, raising concerns about the safety of urban agriculture;[47] eating food grown in contaminated soil can present a lead hazard.[48]


Lead from the atmosphere or soil can end up in groundwater and surface water.[49] It is also potentially in drinking water, e.g. from plumbing and fixtures that are either made of lead or have lead solder.[43][50] Since acidic water breaks down lead in plumbing more readily, chemicals can be added to municipal water to increase the pH and thus reduce the corrosivity of the public water supply.[43] Chloramines, which were adopted as a substitute forchlorine disinfectants due to fewer health concerns, increase corrositivity.[51] In the US, 14–20% of total lead exposure is attributed to drinking water.[51]In 2004, a team of seven reporters from The Washington Post discovered high levels of lead in the drinking water in Washington, D.C. and won an award for investigative reporting for a series of articles about this contamination.[52][53]
In Australia, collecting rainwater from roof runoff used as potable water may contain lead if there are lead contaminants on the roof or in the storage tank.[10] The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines allow a maximum of .01 mg/L lead in water.[10]
Hum Exp Toxicol. 2007 Behavioral effects induced by subchronic exposure to Pb and their reversion are concentration and gender dependent.
Soeiro AC1, Gouvêa TS, Moreira EG.
Konklusjon:  Our results suggest that behavioral effects induced by subchronic exposure to Pb from weaning to adulthood and their reversion are concentration and gender dependent.


fallujah og uran og fødselsdefekter

A review of the effects of uranium and depleted uranium exposure on reproduction and fetal development.

Arfsten DP1, Still KR, Ritchie GD.
  In vitro tests indicate that DU alloy may be both genotoxic and mutagenic, whereas a recent in vivo study suggests that tissue-embedded DU alloy may be carcinogenic in rats. There is limited available data for reproductive and teratological deficits from exposure to uranium per se, typically from oral, respiratory, or dermal exposure routes.

Kjemiske våpen

Long-term effects of sulfur mustard on civilians’ mental health 20 years after exposure (The Sardasht-Iran Cohort Study).
Roshan R1, Rahnama P, Ghazanfari Z, Montazeri A, Soroush MR, Naghizadeh MM, Melyani M, Tavoli A, Ghazanfari T. 2013
The findings from this study showed that civilians who exposed to sulfur mustard gas were suffering from a number of psychological symptoms even 20 years after exposure. Providing mental health services and more resource allocation for this community are highly recommended.

Acute and chronic pathological effects of sulfur mustard on genitourinary system and male fertility.

Panahi Y1, Ghanei M, Ghabili K, Ansarin K, Aslanabadi S, Poursaleh Z, Golzari SE, Etemadi J, Khalili M, Shoja MM.
Sulfur mustard causes both acute and chronic injuries to different parts of the genitourinary system.
Low-dose sarin exposure produces long term changes in brain neurochemistry of mice. 2013
Oswal DP1, Garrett TL, Morris M, Lucot JB.
These neurochemical alterations could be associated with long term behavioral and neuropsychological changes associated with low dose OP exposure.
Reprod Toxicol. 2013  Placental concentrations of mercury, lead, cadmium, and arsenic and the risk of neural tube defects in a Chinese population. Jin L1, Zhang L, Li Z, Liu JM, Ye R, Ren A.
De sjekket nivå av kvikksølv, bly, kadmium og arsen i morkaka til nyfødte barn i kina med eller uten spina bifida eller anencephaly. Det var klart mer kvikksølv hos de syke barnas morkake.
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